I've recently been delving into version control using Git - for various purposes from source-code to configuration management with Puppet. As a result, I've opened an account at gitorious.org and I'm now in the process of migrating all my utility scripts and programs over to it, to make it easier to get a copy.

I have already moved freq.go over there, and I'm planning to move all the other ones I've published here, too. The articles will stay, and I'll still be sporadically posting here too, but any code will simply be links to one of my gitorious project repositories.

For simple scripts (most of mine), you can just click over to the repo and view the source directly. It's probably harder work to clone the repository, though of course, I'm happy for anyone to do so. For a few projects, which consist of multiple files, cloning will, of course be easiest.

So far the projects I have put up are (most are ones that I have not previously posted here):

I'll put up an article about each of these in due course, and update this post too.